C2C for Salesforce.com and Google Chrome NPAPI Issue

As of Google Chrome version 42, users of Copy2Contact for Salesforce.com are seeing the “Oops! Chrome wasn’t up and running” message over and over when they use Copy2Contact.

Chrome Error

It looks like Google is removing the NPAPI plugin functionality from Chrome that Copy2Contact relies on to do its thing. Starting with Chrome version 42, NPAPI is disabled by default. For now, you can re-enable it but we’re looking for a workaround for a future release.


Re-enable NPAPI functionality by entering the following in the Chrome browser URL bar:


Then click “Enable” under the “Enable NPAPI” heading (the first entry).

Completely close all Chrome windows and then restart your computer to be sure changes take effect.

  • Trey Carrico

    I have physically looked for “Enable NPAPI” and searched in the browser window and can’t find this option. Anyone else having this problem?

  • http://www.nickmatic.com/ Nicholas Maddix

    Chrome has finally removed NPAPI all together. We’re working on a solution and will push it out asap!

  • Marcus Ferrari

    I cannot find NPAPI either and none of my Copy to Contact subscriptions are working! Need a fix!!!!

  • http://www.nickmatic.com/ Nicholas Maddix

    Hi Marcus- Please contact Support for a fix. http://www.copy2contact.com/support/pc/support.php