Copy2Contact Tips #3

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Capture To A Specific Folder

If you use different Outlook folders to store information for different projects, you might want to configure Copy2Contact to use those folders instead of the defaults.

Open Copy2Contact’s Target Apps preferences (described in the previous tips), click on the page for Outlook, and press the “Default Folders” button.

Create Tasks Instead of Events

If you organize your time using tasks with assigned due dates more than you use your calendar, you might want Copy2Contact to create tasks instead of appointments by default.

Copy2Contact automatically creates a new appointment when you capture date information. To make Copy2Contact create a task by default instead, check the “Create tasks by default” box in Copy2Contact’s Events/Tasks preferences. 

You can find that setting by clicking the Copy2Contact icon near your clock as described in previous tips.

Reverse Copy2Contact?

Wish you had some way to paste a plain-text version of an Outlook contact into an email message? 

That hidden Copy2Contact window on your taskbar that we showed you in the last email has a “Copy as Text” option in the “Utils…” menu.

Click it and voilà! Now you can paste the plain-text contact information from your clipboard into any document! Works with appointments, too.

How’s It Going?

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That’s All

This is the final installment of the Get The Most From Copy2Contact tips series.

We hope you found these tips to be useful and encourage your feedback. Feel free to contact us!

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