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Holiday Specials On Copy2Contact

The holidays are upon us and in the spirit of the season, we’ve slashed prices across the board on all Copy2Contact products. Take advantage of this yourself or spread the holiday lovin’ to one of your friends by sharing this post!

Click any of the products to see complete details and purchase:

Copy2Contact PRO/BlackBerry Bundle: 30% off – $59.45 (regular $84.95)

Copy2Contact PRO for Outlook or Palm: 30% off – $55.95 (regular $79.95)

Copy2Contact Personal/BlackBerry Bundle: 20% off – $35.95 (regular $44.95)

Copy2Contact Personal for Outlook or Palm: 20% off – $31.95 (regular $39.95)

Copy2Contact for BlackBerry: 20% off the 1st year – $7.95 (regular $9.95)
Copy2Contact CRM for (monthly billing): 50% off the 1st month – $4.45 (regular $8.95)
Copy2Contact CRM for (yearly billing): 20% off the 1st year – $79.95 (regular $99.95)
Copy2Contact CRM for NetSuite (monthly billing): 50% off the 1st month – $4.45 (regular $8.95)
Copy2Contact CRM for NetSuite (yearly billing): 20% off the 1st year – $79.95 (regular $99.95)
Special pricing ends December 31. Happy holidays!!

Seeking Beta Testers

A major new development is in the works that will change the way Copy2Contact works for you. Want to help make Copy2Contact even smarter, and try out new features?

We can’t give out any details at this point on what’s in store, but it’s a big deal and we’re pretty excited. However, this is new territory for us in many ways on a technical level, and things need to be tested.

We’re looking for some people who have a little extra time to help us out. To participate, you’ll need to do at least some of the following things. Not all will be required and you’ll work closely with us to address your findings.

  • Try out some test cases we send you
  • Communicate with us about your experiences
  • Try patches we create and report back on the experience
  • Capture and send us screenshots
  • Record screen movies with

People who want to help should be somewhat tech savvy (i.e. have no problem installing and uninstalling software and configuring preferences) and have a little extra time to help. Above all, we’re looking for people who like Copy2Contact and would enjoy helping us out. The reward? Great karma!

We need testers for BlackBerry, Outlook, and Gmail. Get in touch here if you’d like to participate. Thanks a million for your help!

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As we roll out our blog 2.0 and new software updates, we’re also happy to announce that we’re taking to the interwebs to share all that we’ve learned while working on making Copy2Contact one of the most popular productivity tools on the market.

You’ll be seeing a lot more content here on the blog, but why not become part of the Copy2Contact community of entrepreneurs, productivity junkies, and tech-lovers? Ask us questions, share your favorite links, or just drop by and say hi!

Twitter – We can’t cover everything here on the blog, so we’re taking to Twitter to share our favorite bits of the web with our awesome followers. If you click over there now, you’ll already find tons of great productivity, business, and tech links to help you get the most out of your workday. Follow us @Copy2Contact!

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Copy2Contact Blog 2.0!

We’ve learned a ton working on Copy2Contact for all these years and decided it’s time to share some of the great bits of productivity, business, and tech knowledge that we’ve picked up in that time. In other words, this blog is about to get rolling in a big way!

Productivity: Copy2Contact is all about helping you be more productive while you work. You don’t get this obsessed with a productivity tool unless you are already obsessed with productivity. As a productivity junkie myself, this blog will feature some of my favorite productivity strategies, tips, and tools to help you get through the workday with superhuman efficiency.

Business and Entrepreneurship: Copy2Contact is a business and we’ve learned a lot in making it one of the most popular productivity tools for your desktop, iPhone, and BlackBerry. If you want to get in the know on what goes on behind the scenes at a quickly growing start-up, look no further.

Tech: Tools and technology are developing at a ridiculously exciting rate… It was just a few years ago that we first learned what an “app” was! As creators of a tech tool, we have to stay on top of all of the new developments coming our way – and we’ll be sharing the most important and pertinent trends and tools right here on the blog as well as on our social accounts at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to make sure you never miss out on a single update!

Lastly, please feel free to comment and get the discussion going! We love to hear from the community out there so we can follow what’s going on.