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Special Bundle Offer for Copy2Contact For iPhone and PC

Exclusively for our valued customers, we have a bundle deal that you can take advantage of yourself or pass on to your friends: We’re offering $5 OFF Copy2Contact for your PC when you buy Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone. That’s equivalent to getting Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone for FREE!

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the App Store and purchase Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone
2. Use the Support > Contact Us option inside the Copy2Contact PRO app on your phone to write us with the subject “GET SECRET CODE (Offer expired!)
3. That’s it! We’ll send back a coupon code for $5 off Copy2Contact for your PC (Personal and CRM editions)

If you already own Copy2Contact for your PC, send this offer to a friend! They’ll thank you for it!

Lastly, you won’t find this offer anywhere else, and it expires on April 15, 2010, so grab it now.

Copy2Contact For iPhone Is Here!

After a long development and testing cycle and a few rounds of rejections by Apple, Copy2Contact For iPhone and iPod Touch is finally available on the App Store!

We’ve created 2 editions of the app:

  • Copy2Contact… An ad-supported FREE version for the casual user.
  • Copy2Contact PRO… An add-free version with no limits on how many contacts you can save. Perfect for power users!

Check out all the details, including a video of the product in action:

More info is available on the Apple App Store. Be sure to leave us a great review!
Copy2Contact For iPhone on App Store
Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone on App Store

And tell your friends about our Special Bundle Offer!

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Highlight And Copy Review Contact

Contact Saved Preferences

Copy2Contact Web Service API Now Available

The power of Copy2Contact Technology can now be quickly and easily integrated into any web or pc-based application via our Web Service API!

Add Copy2Contact to contact and calendar forms to simplify data entry. Copy2Contact allows the user to paste all freeform info into one field, rather than tediously copy-and-pasting field-by-field. Copy2Contact will fill out the form automatically, and simplified data entry means decreased bounce rates, improved data accuracy, and fewer errors.

The Copy2Contact API also includes auto-capitalization and phone number formatting options for contacts, improving data quality and uniformity.

Several account plans are offered, including a free “Basic” account that has all the features of an enterprise account at no charge.

  • Instant signup for free developer accounts.
  • Configurable to any form or database.
  • Many developer-friendly settings and features.
  • REST, XML, JSON, and SOAP supported.

Read more about the Copy2Contact API and get a free developer account to try it out for yourself!

Anagram is now Copy2Contact

There has been lots going on lately behind the scenes, but not much activity on the blog or twitter. People have been asking checking in and I’m sure a lot more have been wondering.

Well the big news is that we’ve re-branded Anagram as Copy2Contact. Same great software, same features, different name. I think this change will be a great starting point for many more enhancements to come.

Copy2Contact Logo

The other big news is that Copy2Contact for BlackBerry has finally been taken out of beta and released as version 1.0. So far response has been great. You can get more info and install a free 14-day trial here:

Keep a look out for more upcoming news as we work through the mountains of stuff that piled up during the re-launch.