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Capitalization and phone formatting preferences

For those who want to have all their contacts neatly organized, Copy2Contact For BlackBerry includes preferences for automatically formatting phone numbers and capitalizing addresses.

Phone prefsCapitalization prefs

You can access Copy2Contact’s preferences by choosing “Preferences” from the menu inside the application.

Grab an appointment from an SMS message

We’re always coordinating with friends and co-workers via SMS (text) messages when on-the-go.

SMSWith Copy2Contact, you don’t have to take time out to go back and forth to your calendar to enter appointment details. Just highlight the appointment you want to grab and activate Copy2Contact!


Just choose “Save Event” from the menu and it’s on your calendar instantly!

Grab a contact from web mobile search results

When you’re searching for contact info on-the-go, what do you do once you’ve found what you’re looking for?

Web results

Until now you had to get out the good old-fashioned pencil and paper and write it down, or if you’re really thinking, copy and paste into a new memo.

But contact info belongs in the address book, where it can be stored to be looked up when needed, used to place a call, or located on Google Maps.

Highlight the contact information in the results and use Copy2Contact to create a new contact record!

Web resultsWeb results

Grab contact info from an email

The most common way to use Copy2Contact is to grab contact information that is in an email message you received on your BlackBerry.


Entering all this contact info by hand is just too time-consuming, but if you need to have the info at your fingertips, Copy2Contact can put it into your address book all at once!

Just highlight the contact info, copy it, and choose “Copy2Contact” from the menu:


Copy2Contact scans the highlighted contact and creates a new contact. Just review and save!