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AppGratis: Great Success!

I recently reached out to the fine folks at appgratis.com to see if they could help get some exposure for Copy2Contact for iPhone. I’m very glad I did.

If you’re not in the know about AppGratis, you’re missing out! It’s free app for your iPhone that gets you one free app per day. But not just any app… the AppGratis team works with developers to offer apps for which you’d normally have to fork over some hard-earned cash. This means you’re getting great premium apps you might not otherwise try, for nada.

The AppGratis team told me they were looking to promote more utility and productivity apps, so Copy2Contact would fit right in. After discussing a bit about how things would work, we decided on a date and set things in motion.


What happened next was quite a show, at least from my perspective. AppGratis has worldwide reach, so the promotion started in the wee hours of the morning (I’m in the Eastern US time zone). I awoke to a tangle of error messages and problem reports. Our web server had crashed at 3am due to all the traffic they were sending our way.

The app distribution is handled by Apple’s servers, but people new to Copy2Contact were impressed and using the Tell A Friend feature at an astounding rate, putting a load on our server that it was simply not set up to handle. I could hardly believe it, and the day was just starting.

I reached out to the folks at qwk.net, who handle our dedicated hosting, and they were able to add resources to the server and get it back to full capacity in what can only be described as “lickety split”. Those guys are geniuses and I highly recomend their services to anyone needing business web hosting.

The rest of the day of promotion was uneventful. A few support requests came in from people with questions, and even a couple people telling us how much they like the app. It’s always nice to receive those kinds of messages.


When the dust had settled the next day, I had a chance to look at the numbers. This is where things got really interesting. As a result of the AppGratis promotion, we had well over 230,000 new people try Copy2Contact! And it turned out the promotion didn’t even run in the US or Italy due to scheduling conflicts. AppGratis has a pretty impressive reach!

Even more interesting is that the AppGratis folks said that the results were better even than they were expecting. This speaks both to how great Copy2Contact is but also says people are craving useful utility apps for their mobile devices (a fairly new category for the AppGratis guys).

Bottom Line

Now, how does this affect our business bottom line? That’s a more complicated issue… Giving people something for free doesn’t directly generate a single dollar of revenue, but the idea is bigger than that. Obviously we benefit from the exposure, which is hard to get these days with all the marketing noise out there. We were also hoping that new users of the iPhone app would go back to our web site and buy the PC version of our software, but interestingly, not a single one did!

So in the short term this netted the company zero $, but I think in the long term we’ll be better off having more people knowing the Copy2Contact name. We’ve always found it challenging to make people aware of the concept and this kind of thing helps a great deal. And though we don’t get access to these new users directly in order to market other products to them, we did have about 200 sign up for our mailing list and we can occasionally push messages out to the app when we announce new products.

We’re hoping to repeat the AppGratis promotion with their US user base, and it will be interesting to see if the results differ. Top countries in the first round included Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Mexico, where Copy2Contact is not as accurate. Since it works best with US, UK, and Western European contact information, their US users may like the app even more. I’ll write again when we have some results there.

Overall, thanks, AppGratis!

Special Bundle Offer for Copy2Contact For iPhone and PC

Exclusively for our valued customers, we have a bundle deal that you can take advantage of yourself or pass on to your friends: We’re offering $5 OFF Copy2Contact for your PC when you buy Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone. That’s equivalent to getting Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone for FREE!

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the App Store and purchase Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone
2. Use the Support > Contact Us option inside the Copy2Contact PRO app on your phone to write us with the subject “GET SECRET CODE (Offer expired!)
3. That’s it! We’ll send back a coupon code for $5 off Copy2Contact for your PC (Personal and CRM editions)

If you already own Copy2Contact for your PC, send this offer to a friend! They’ll thank you for it!

Lastly, you won’t find this offer anywhere else, and it expires on April 15, 2010, so grab it now.

Copy2Contact For iPhone Is Here!

After a long development and testing cycle and a few rounds of rejections by Apple, Copy2Contact For iPhone and iPod Touch is finally available on the App Store!

We’ve created 2 editions of the app:

  • Copy2Contact… An ad-supported FREE version for the casual user.
  • Copy2Contact PRO… An add-free version with no limits on how many contacts you can save. Perfect for power users!

Check out all the details, including a video of the product in action:

More info is available on the Apple App Store. Be sure to leave us a great review!
Copy2Contact For iPhone on App Store
Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone on App Store

And tell your friends about our Special Bundle Offer!

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Highlight And Copy Review Contact

Contact Saved Preferences

Anagram for iPhone sneak peek

Just got a very basic implementation of Anagram up and running on the 3.0 beta iPhone. Here are some screenshots of the alpha version in action!

Very exciting stuff. Will be demoing this at CTIA Wireless next week!

[Click images to enlarge]

Click the “Save Contact” button and voila! New contact in your Address Book.