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Problems with Copy2Contact for Jigsaw

UPDATE BELOW. Some reorganizations at Jigsaw a while back negatively affected the user experience for Copy2Contact users. We’ve been trying to get their support to sort that out over the last few months and then recently we started getting inquiries from users about a 12007 Unable to Resolve Hostname error that appears when trying to use Copy2Contact with Jigsaw. Apparently Jigsaw has completely turned off the connection they provide to Copy2Contact under contract.

I’ve been in touch with our contact at Jigsaw and she acknowledges that something is going on but so far has been unable to get any more information. One of her messages is quoted below.

On behalf of Anagram Technologies, I apologize that this feature is not currently available. We are doing everything we can to restore this but unfortunately our hands are tied as we rely on Jigsaw to provide the connection into their service.

Good Morning Nicholas,

I apologize for the difficulties we’ve been having. I’ve forwarded the issue to both Product and Engineering. I will let you know as soon as I have more information. I really appreciate how patient you have been through all of the issues

Please feel free to give out my email address to anyone with complaints and I would be happy to discuss with them.

Best Regards,
Heidi Rex

UPDATE 3/9/2012:

Jigsaw, now data.com, has a new Director of Technology Partnerships, who responded to our most recent inquiry. He said they have decided to discontinue the Copy2Contact integration and will be removing their internal web pages that refer to it. He apologized for the confusion this has caused.

We’re hoping that data.com will integrate Copy2Contact directly into their user interface using our API or Web Widget so that this functionality can be restored for everyone who was using it. Let them know!