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Give Copy2Contact as a gift, at a discount

Copy2Contact GiftWith the 2010 holiday season in full swing, we’ve had customers ask us how to give Copy2Contact as a gift. Great idea!

And in the holiday spirit, we’ve put together a special discount offer to help with the pocketbook:

Get 10% off Copy2Contact Personal, or 20% off Copy2Contact PRO when you purchase before January 1, 2011.

Just use the coupon code HOLIDAY-10 at checkout. Click here to purchase now. (iPhone users: Go to www.copy2contact.com on your Mac or PC and click Purchase)

And to give Copy2Contact as a gift, click the link in your order receipt that will allow you to send a special gift email. Buy one for all your friends!

Sorry, we don’t have holiday offers on Copy2Contact for BlackBerry or iPhone.

Special Bundle Offer for Copy2Contact For iPhone and PC

Exclusively for our valued customers, we have a bundle deal that you can take advantage of yourself or pass on to your friends: We’re offering $5 OFF Copy2Contact for your PC when you buy Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone. That’s equivalent to getting Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone for FREE!

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the App Store and purchase Copy2Contact PRO For iPhone
2. Use the Support > Contact Us option inside the Copy2Contact PRO app on your phone to write us with the subject “GET SECRET CODE (Offer expired!)
3. That’s it! We’ll send back a coupon code for $5 off Copy2Contact for your PC (Personal and CRM editions)

If you already own Copy2Contact for your PC, send this offer to a friend! They’ll thank you for it!

Lastly, you won’t find this offer anywhere else, and it expires on April 15, 2010, so grab it now.