Copy2Contact FAQs

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What can I do with Copy2Contact? »

A: Copy2Contact can instantly create new contacts and appointments in your address book/calendar from any text you see on your screen. Grab leads from e-mail signatures, grab appointments from event invitations, create a database of contacts from web results, and more. See examples.

Q: Can I try Copy2Contact before buying? »

A: YES! Please see our free trial page.

Q: Does Copy2Contact work with (xxx) application? »

A: Copy2Contact can grab text from anywhere on your screen, no matter which application is open. However, Copy2Contact can only create contacts and appointments in the applications and platforms listed in this web site.

Q: Does Copy2Contact grab from any place other than e-mail messages? »

A: YES! Copy2Contact works from any text on your screen that you can highlight (select). Grab contacts and appointments from e-mails, web results, documents, lists, pdf files, and more.

Q: Can't I just use a vCard or iCal and do the same thing? »

A: Copy2Contact grabs contacts and appointments from sources you have no control over, like content on the web or in email messages or documents that you receive from other people.

Q: Does Copy2Contact work on the Mac? »

A: Unfortunately our developers are fed gruel and paid with food scraps, so it has been tough to convince them to do a Mac version. However, Copy2Contact for Gmail/Calendar works on the Mac (and any other platform) since it works inside of your browser.

Copy2Contact Support

If you are already using Copy2Contact and would like to read FAQs about usage and issues, or to contact us for support, see our Support Resources.