Unlocking Copy2Contact For BlackBerry

Unlocking Copy2Contact is easy but depends on where you purchased. Please read your section carefully.

If You Purchased Directly From Our Web Site...

Complete unlocking instructions can be found in your order receipt email for Copy2Contact for BlackBerry. Look for a link that says Install Instructions.

If you have written down your OrderID and Password, you can also choose the Unlock option from the menu inside the Copy2Contact application itself.

Note that if you purchased through a reseller such as BlackBerry App World or MobiHand, you will not have an OrderID or Password from us. Please see the relevant section below.

If You Purchased From BlackBerry App World...

Open App World on your BlackBerry and choose My World from the menu. Log in with your PayPal information and you will find Copy2Contact listed as one of your purchased apps.

Copy2Contact should unlock automatically once installed, but a bug in the App World software often prevents this. Find the application in My World and it should show your license key, which you can copy to the clipboard. Once copied, choose the Copy2Contact option from the menu to unlock immediately.

If You Purchased From MobiHand Or A Partner Store...

MobiHand customers can easily unlock their software by logging into the My Apps section of the MobiHand web site. There you'll find your downloads and activation code. Note that you must use the Change Device ID link there to get a new activation code should you change your BlackBerry device. Once you have your current activation code, copy it to the clipboard on your BlackBerry and choose Copy2Contact from the menu to unlock.