Problem unlocking on new BlackBerry OS 6

Now that BlackBerry OS 6 is officially out on the new Torch device, customers have been writing in with a problem: Choosing the Copy2Contact menu option when in the browser does nothing. No error message, no alert, nada.

This is particularly a problem when they first install the software and try to unlock. The unlock code is displayed in the browser screen and the user must copy it to the clipboard and then choose the menu option. Nothing happens, Copy2Contact remains locked or in trial mode, and they cannot use the software at all.

After lots of digging, we’ve finally found other vendors who are having the same issue, and RIM has confirmed it to be a bug in OS 6.

You can see the thread on RIM’s support forum here:

Solution: The problem only happens when you are in the browser, so the very much not obvious solution is to copy the code and then exit the browser before choosing the Copy2Contact menu option. This will unlock the product successfully.