Unlocking Copy2Contact For PC

Unlocking Copy2Contact For PC

Once you've purchased and installed Copy2Contact, you'll need to "unlock" it to enable it to run after the trial period. [Click here if the Copy2Contact program is not yet installed on your computer]

Instant Unlock

If you have the order receipt email that we sent, just click the unlocking link contained in that email. You'll be up and running in seconds! If not, read on...

Step 1: Open the Unlock Wizard

You can quickly unlock a copy of Copy2Contact over the internet using the Unlock Wizard. (No internet connection?)

Click here to open this wizard automatically if Copy2Contact is installed on this computer, or click the Copy2Contact icon in your system tray (next to the clock), choose Utils... then Unlock...

Step 2: Enter OrderID/Password

When the wizard apears, enter the OrderID and Password (Lost them?) you received when you purchased and then click the Load Order button.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to follow the Unlocking Wizard instructions to the end and receive a Success message.

If you get an Order Full message, please see instructions here.