Price Protection Info

If you purchased Copy2Contact less than a month before v3 was released, you've already been given a FREE 1-year subscription to Copy2Contact v3!

All you need to do is install the latest version of the Copy2Contact program and then Unlock it with your existing OrderID and Password.

Download the Copy2Contact program.

See instructions to unlock the program.

Upgrading To Copy2Contact v3

Upgrade Information For Existing Customers

This information applies to customers who have purchased Copy2Contact Personal or Copy2Contact PRO for Outlook or Palm Desktop. Users of Copy2Contact CRM who use it only with Salesforce or NetSuite can use any version of Copy2Contact.

Copy2Contact version 3, with support for Outlook 2013 or later, is considered a Major Upgrade under our Upgrade Policies.

Release Date January 28, 2013 - Do I Need To Upgrade?

If you purchased on or after the release date, you purchased version 3 and do not have to pay to upgrade. Simply download and install the latest version, then unlock it to get a version 3 Unlock Code.

If you purchased Copy2Contact Personal or PRO for use with Outlook before this date, you purchased version 2 and will need to purchase an upgrade if you wish to use Copy2Contact with Outlook 2013 or later. Read on.

Am I Being Forced To Upgrade?

Not at all. You're welcome to continue using the previous version that you have installed.

Note that we will eventually be discontinuing support for previous versions, including helping users get it installed on new computers. But the software WILL continue to work on any computers you have it installed on now.

Pricing Change

Please note that Version 3 and future versions will be priced on a subscription basis instead of a one-time fee.

What Do I Qualify For?

  • If you purchased within one month of release, i.e. on or after December 28, 2012, you are entitled to a FREE 1 year subscription to the same product (Copy2Contact PRO or Personal) under our "Price Protection" clause. Get it now.
  • If you purchased before one month prior to this release, i.e. before December 28, 2012, you are entitled to a 20% discount on your first year of Copy2Contact 3. Log in and purchase now.
  • Lastly, if you have a current 1 year Maintenance Contract (i.e. you purchased a Maintenance Contract on or after January 28, 2012), you are entitled to an additional 10% off, for a total of 30% off the first year. Log in and purchase now.

PRO Bonus

We're also giving an additional 5% off to people who purchase Copy2Contact PRO at upgrade pricing, just to say thanks for being a PRO customer! The bonus will automatically be applied when you log in and purchase.

Pricing Matrix

See above for the option you qualify for and then log in and purchase.

  With Maintenance Contract Without Current
Maintenance Contract
To Purchase Copy2Contact PRO $49.95 35% off:
$32.45 for the 1st year  » Go
$49.95 25% off:
$37.45 for the 1st year  » Go
To Purchase Copy2Contact Personal $39.95 30% off:
$27.95 for the 1st year  » Go
$39.95 20% off:
$31.95 for the 1st year  » Go