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Copy2Contact Examples

Here are some examples of ways Copy2Contact can make getting information into your CRM or organizer software a breeze!

Grabbing a contact found in an email signature
Many people include a "signature" block at the end of all emails they send. These signatures are invariably in different formats for compactness or visual appeal, but Copy2Contact can intelligently make sense of the differences. Highlight the entire text of the signature and press Copy2Contact shortcut key to instantly add that person's contact information to your Contact List/Address Book.

Email Signature

Client Meeting Email

Adding a meeting from an e-mail message
We're always being notified of business meetings or upcoming events by e-mail. Copy2Contact can quickly add these items to your Calendar, in one simple step. Highlight the text that describes the event and its date and time. Then press Copy2Contact's shortcut key to instantly create a new appointment on your Calendar.

Capturing a candidate from a resume
A key part of a recruiter's job is capturing and organizing all potential candidates for a position. What better way than to use Copy2Contact to grab the contact information with one keypress?


Online Directions

Creating a memo from online info
Web sites often contain information that you need at your fingertips. Instead of printing it out and worrying about losing it later, highlight the information you need and instantly create a new Note or Memo using Copy2Contact. Later, you'll have that critical info when you need it most.

Capturing an address found in an online directory
Whether you're prospecting for leads on corporate web sites or doing online searches, there's bound to be contact information online that you need to save locally. Highlight the contact information and press Copy2Contact's shortcut key to instantly add the information to your Contact List/Address Book.

Web Directory