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Implementation Example

Server-Side Code

The following server and client side code must be inserted into the form where you'd like to place Copy2Contact. All other configuration is done via our control panel.

Client-Side Code

Technical Details

Adding Copy2Contact to your web-based form is easy

A line or two of server-side code is needed to create a random session hash, and just one <script> tag is added to your page to link in Copy2Contact.
» See an example.

Fully compatible with all major browsers

  • Google Chrome (desktop/mobile)
  • Internet Explorer 7-10
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (desktop/mobile)
  • Android (mobile)
  • Opera (desktop)

Works with both strict and transitional doctypes

Since Copy2Contact is embedded into your existing user interface, it has been carefully reviewed and tested for compatibility.

All configuration is done via our Control Panel

Our self-service Control Panel will allow you to easily link the output of Copy2Contact's parser with the fields on your form, without complicated server-side coding. In addition, the built-in javascript helper functions enable Copy2Contact to expose new fields (if needed) and set dropdown options, like phone number type. » Try it!

Full-featured interactive usage charts

The Control Panel also includes interactive visualization of how much time your users are saving with Copy2Contact. » Try it!

Example Application - TRY IT!

On the left is an example of a contact entry form as it exists now in YOUR application. Normally, filling out this form is tedious and error-prone, but with Copy2Contact added, it's easy! Look to the right to choose an example and then use the Copy2Contact Web Widget to fill the form in one step.

Example Contact Entry Form:  
See below to use Copy2Contact:
First, Last:    

First, choose an example:

(Or skip the example and try
your own text!)

Next, fill out the form all at once:

This is added to your form to support Copy2Contact.

City, State, Zip:    

Choose An Example

Copy (highlight and Control-C) the text of one of the examples below to try it with the Copy2Contact Web Widget in the next step.

  • Extraneous characters ignored.
  • International contacts supported.
  • All contact formats understood.

After copying an example, close this dialog box to paste it into Copy2Contact.

Technology » Web Widget

Add Copy2Contact To Your Web Forms

The power of Copy2Contact Technology can be embedded into your online web form quickly and easily with just a couple of lines of JavaScript and server-side code.

Give your users Copy2Contact to enhance data entry and reduce errors, so they can get more done with your service! » Watch the video   » Try it right now!

  • Decrease data entry time [?]
  • Decrease bounce rates [?]
  • Boost utilization [?]
  • Increase data accuracy [?]
  • Improve lead conversion rates [?]
  • Provide data cleaning [?]
  • Boost usability [?]
  • Decrease overhead [?]
  • Reduce user frustration [?]
  • Configurable for ANY form [?]
  • Preserves user experience [?]
  • Automatic capitalization [?]
  • Phone number formatting [?]
  • All major browsers supported [?]
  • Embed in minutes [?]
  • SSL encryption fully supported [?]
  • Interactive usage charts [try it]
  • Full featured control panel [try it]

See technical details...

Over 85% of people presented with Copy2Contact choose to use it over the error-prone and time-consuming method of entering data field-by-field. Copy2Contact makes your site or service more accessible and user-friendly since any website visitor can enter free-form contact information quickly or copy and paste from a signature file, document, e-mail, or web site. » Watch the video   » Try it right now!

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