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Copy2Contact Press Info

Here are some useful resources for writers and reviewers of our products.

Hidden But Powerful Features

We hope you'll get in touch to have us quickly review what you write, but here are some cool features of Copy2Contact that might not be obvious in a quick evaluation:

  • Works With Appointments, Too! - Despite the name, Copy2Contact also grabs appointments into your calendar from any text.
  • Tips And Features - Some great tips and hidden features can be found in the Tips Section of our Blog.
  • No Network Connection Needed - Unlike other products, your private data is not sent to us via the internet. Copy2Contact works instantly right on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Configuration Preferences - Copy2Contact has many user-settable options to control its behavior to suit your needs.
  • Outlook Issues - Outlook is a very idiosyncratic platform and issues often come up when using add-in software like Copy2Contact. We have solutions for most issues. We've been doing this for a while!
  • Technology - We license the Copy2Contact technology to our partners directly and through our API and Web Widget.

Be sure to contact us with any questions about the above.

Free Copies For Review

We're happy to give out free copies of our products to reviewers. Please contact us and let us know the product being reviewed and where you're writing and we'll be sure you have a fully-functional copy of the product.

Get In Touch!

We encourage reviewers to get in touch to be sure they have the latest version, don't miss hidden features, and know the latest news about what's coming down the pipeline. It's important for us to stay connected not just to our customers, but also to the media that serves them. Please contact us here.