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Company Overview

Anagram Technologies has been distributing and refining its Copy2Contact Technology, formerly called Anagram, since 2001. Its offerings include stand-alone software, server-based web services, and now applications for mobile devices. We're committed to tapping into the power of modern computer and internet technology to make computers smarter and more useful. To inquire about whether our solutions are right for your business, please contact us.

Partners and Integration

Anagram Technologies has created partnerships with a variety of established businesses to further expand the exposure of its Copy2Contact Technology. Organizations like LinkedIn, Gist, Jigsaw, Iambic, NetSuite, and all trust Anagram Technologies as the leader in its field. Go on to read more information on Anagram's Partners, or read more on integrating and embedding Copy2Contact into your product or service.

Enterprise Clients

Anagram Technologies's Copy2Contact software is used by small and large enterprises to streamline efficiency and make their employees more productive. People at companies like Hyatt, Deloitte, Electronic Arts, CNET, Cisco, Intuit, and TaylorWessing all use Copy2Contact software as an integral part of their business process. Go on to read more about our clients.


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