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About Copy2Contact Technology

Copy2Contact is a proprietary technology that saves time managing contacts and appointments. It eliminates errors and wasted time by grabbing an entire contact or appointment at once, right off the screen and into contact, calendar, and CRM software, without retyping. It works from email signatures, web search results, documents, resumes, and any other source of contact or event information that's a routine part of any professional's daily workflow.

Copy2Contact was created by dedicated technologists with the help of experts in computational linguistics, world languages, and international data formats. In addition, it has been fine-tuned using over 10 years of real-world data, making it the most accurate and effective contact and appointment parsing technology available today. Copy2Contact is over 99% accurate on North American and European contact and appointment information.

Copy2Contact can be quickly and easily embedded into any software platform, service, or product via the following methods: