Copy2Contact For iPhone Support

Support for using Copy2Contact on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad can be found here. If that's not right, please choose another support area.

Copy2Contact For iPhone FAQs

  • Getting Started: A quick guide to getting started using Copy2Contact.
  • Watch Video: Go to YouTube to see how Copy2Contact works on the iPhone.
  • FREE vs. PRO: What are the differences between the free and PRO versions?
  • No Save Option: How can I save the contact Copy2Contact created?
  • Referral Program: Details on how you can win great prizes by telling friends about Copy2Contact.
  • C2C On The Dock: How to move the Copy2Contact icon into your iPhone "Dock" area for easier access.

How To Contact Us

Please quickly review the answers above if you have questions. If you still need help, you must contact us using the "Support" option inside the Copy2Contact app on your phone. This assures that we have all the technical information we need to handle your question. If a technical issue prevents you from accessing this feature, contact us here.

Click here to contact us for other non-support reasons.