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Getting Started With Copy2Contact

Once Copy2Contact has been installed on your iPhone, using it is just a few easy steps:

1. Select And Copy ALL Contact Info

Highlight and Copy

Touch and hold somewhere on the text to activate selection mode. Then highlight the complete contact information that you want and tap "Copy". Do not highlight any extraneous text on the screen as it may confuse Copy2Contact.

2. Press The Home Button

Home Button

Press the Home Button to go back to your home screen.

3. Open Copy2Contact

Home Screen

Tap the Copy2Contact icon on your home screen to open Copy2Contact. It's best to place the app in the "dock" on the bottom of your screen so it's available any time.

4. Review and Save

Save Contact

Once you've had a look at the new contact, tap the "Create New Contact" button to add it to your address book. That's it!