Getting Started With Copy2Contact

Getting Started With Copy2Contact For PC

First, make sure Copy2Contact is running. There should be a small Copy2Contact icon like the following in your taskbar next to the clock:


You may need to click the small arrow to expose unused icons that are hidden by Windows.

If that icon is not there you will need to find and double click the installer file that you downloaded called copy2contact_vx.x.x_installer.exe. (x.x.x is the version number, such as 2.11.0). If you cannot find this file, you can download it again by clicking here.

Once you've found the Copy2Contact icon, hold the mouse cursor over it without clicking for a few seconds and Copy2Contact's status will pop up, like this:

Tool Tip

This will tell you what shortcut key(s) you have configured. In this case, F12.

You can change the shortcut key at any time through Copy2Contact's "Target Apps" preferences. Click the Copy2Contact icon to pop up a menu and find the "Target Apps..." option, like this:

Target Apps Menu

Finally, once you know what shortcut key Copy2Contact is using, just highlight some text in any application and then press that key to capture the text into a new contact or calendar item, like this:

Source Text

Copy2Contact will process the text and display a new item immediately. Copy2Contact intelligently determines the type of text you selected and chooses the type of item appropriately.

New Item