Copy2Contact For BlackBerry
Copy2Contact instantly grabs new contacts and appointments into your BlackBerry device.
  • No more error-prone retyping
  • Works with one menu selection
  • Cut data entry time by 99%
Wow! This makes my BlackBerry address book actually useful!
   - Ron Montague

Watch the video... you won't believe it!
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Copy2Contact is guaranteed to increase utilization of your key organizational tools, Address Book and Calendar.
  • Eliminate time wasted on data entry
  • Build a full and complete database
  • Have important data at your fingertips
  • Cut tedious and repetitive tasks
Copy2Contact works with ANY contact or appointment info on your BlackBerry screen, like an email message, web search results, and more.
  • Grab email signatures
  • Capture search results
  • Save leads and prospects
  • Schedule appointments and meetings