Install Copy2Contact For Gmail/Calendar

Installing Copy2Contact Into Gmail/Calendar

Copy2Contact works from a "gadget" that you can install into your Gmail and Google Calendar sidebars.

Click an option to display installation instructions:

Install Into Google Calendar »

  1. Be sure you are logged into Google Calendar in another window or tab of your browser.

  2. To install Copy2Contact into your Google Calendar sidebar, please click here.

Install Into Gmail »

Oops! Google has suddenly stopped supporting sidebar gadgets in Gmail, so there's no way to install Copy2Contact. We'll update this when and if we can find a work-around!

  1. Be sure you are logged into Gmail in another window or tab of your browser.

  2. Click "Settings" from the Gear menu in the upper left corner of your Gmail Inbox.

  3. Click the "Labs" tab.


  4. Find the 'Add any gadget by URL' feature, and click 'Enable'. Then, at the top or bottom of the page, click the 'Save Changes' button.

    Enable Add Any Gadget

  5. Now go to the 'Gadgets' tab to install the gadget.


  6. Copy the Gadget URL:
    and paste it into the 'Add a gadget by its URL' space, then click 'Add'

    Paste the URL into the Add a gadget by its URL box

  7. Important Last Step: You must click the ... button at the bottom of your sidebar (on the left, under your folders list) in order to actually see the gadget. Google seems to hide all gadgets by default. Thanks, Google!

    Click the ... button to toggle gadget visibility