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What People Are Saying About Copy2Contact

"Copy2Contact is one of my must-have utilities - one of the programs that makes my PC smarter."
     - Marc Orchant, Microsoft MVP

"The time you save alone will pay back your investment in very short order."
     - Jay Munro, PC Magazine

"I can’t tell you how much time Copy2Contact has saved me!! I can’t do my job without it."
     - Roy Thiele-Sardina, HighBAR Partners

"I absolutely love Copy2Contact – It’s my number 1 power app!"
     - Anthony Lowenstein, Customer

"I would be lost without Copy2Contact!"
     - Michael W. Koehler, Customer

"Copy2Contact has always been simple to use, stable, and great at saving keystrokes. Thanks for an outstanding product that I recomend every chance I get."
     - Gary Brumm, ComsecNet

"I've tried a number of solutions for quickly capturing contact data into Outlook. Copy2Contact is, by far, the easiest & most flexible capture tool that I've found.
     - Caston Thomas, InterWorks Technology

"Your customer service and product are great!"
     - Robert Northington, Peachtree Renewal Funding

"Copy2Contact has saved me NUMEROUS hours of tedious copying, retyping, cutting/pasting."
     - Betty Jo Paternoster, Customer

"Copy2Contact is an indispensable program."
     - Thomas H. Lipscomb, Customer

"Wouldn't it be nice to wave a magic wand and watch appointments appear in your calendar and see names and phone numbers pop themselves into your contact list? A little program called Copy2Contact looks almost magical when it does its thing."
     - Michelle Johnson, Boston Globe

"The Copy2Contact software is great and saves me a lot of time and effort on a daily basis. It has demonstrated itself to be highly accurate and reliable."
     - Ron Klopfer, Customer

"I love the Copy2Contact software. I've started recommending it to all my busy colleagues."
     - Richard Hermann, MD, Customer

"I cannot function properly without this wonderful tool."
     - Kathy Bowman, Customer and Sales Support, BizActions, LLC

"Copy2Contact is unparalleled and I need it on an hourly basis."
     - Marshall Hoebel, Customer

"I just entered 3 months worth of appointments in a matter of minutes. It usually takes me several hours to enter and then correct my mistakes! We are purchasing the program and recommending it to friends as well."
     - Janice Blasko, The Abbey Group

"Copy2Contact is an essential part of our recruitment sourcing process."
     - Glenn Gutmacher, Lead Recruiting Sourcer, Getronics North America

"Copy2Contact is a quantum leap in managing contact data."
     - Mike Ford, SVP Sales & Marketing, Did-it Search Marketing

"This little program packs a big punch, saving me time and increasing my ability to harness my contact lists by ensuring I have the correct data when and where I need it."
     - Sean Wise, BA, LLB, MBA, Customer

"They should have called it Magic, because that's exactly what it'll wonder how you ever did without it."
     - Jen Edwards,

"This program undoubtedly pays for itself fully every business day."
     - Howard Holmes, Accounting Practice Sales

"I am very happy with your product and have not only encouraged a lot of my employees to buy it but also have forwarded it to many friends and plan to continue doing so."
     - Daniel Lubetzky, Customer

"What a wonderful timesaver! I used to copy, drag, and drop information from e-mail or the web to my Contacts. Now all I do is press F9, and everything goes where it should be."
     - Peggy Duncan, Professional Organizer and Author -

"Copy2Contact does its job well, and deserves a place on your desktop."
     - Dave Johnson, Handheld Computing Magazine

"I've been using your program and enjoying the ease of copying appointments for my boss out of his e-mails and onto his Palm."
     - Kate Miller, Customer

"Copy2Contact is smart and very handy!"
     - Alex Irving, Customer

"Thank you for your OUTSTANDING, FANTASTIC, & HELPFUL program!"
     - Dick Hosty, Customer

"I can't do without my Copy2Contact, it's so great!"
     - Miranda Knaggs, Customer

"This is the greatest program... I've introduced your product to many of my friends and colleagues."
     - John Catalano, Customer


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