Internet Explorer Issue on Vista and Win 7 Fixed

When Windows Vista came out with a radically different security model, all software vendors had to step up to the plate to make their applications compatible with Vista’s new idiosyncrasies. Windows 7 is now out and that model is here to stay.

We worked very hard to sort out all the nuances of the new OS, but one issue remained for people who use Copy2Contact to capture data from a web page viewed inside Internet Explorer. Inexplicably, the shortcut key configured to activate Copy2Contact simply didn’t work from within IE, though it works everywhere else. A real nuisance.

The problem was traced to a new “Protected Mode” in Internet Explorer 7 and later that, in simple terms, prevents IE from communicating with other applications. The shortcut key, when pressed inside IE, falls into the protected category and is blocked without any notification. Since this mode is on by default, most users are subject to it.

For a while now we’ve been advising people to simply turn off protected mode, but we recently found a work-around for the issue and built it into version 2.11.3 of Copy2Contact, which you can download here.

The work-around is seamless and IE users will have no further trouble when capturing data in Protected Mode.