Copy2Contact Tips #2

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Capture An Upcoming Event

You might have thought that Copy2Contact is only for grabbing Contacts, but it can grab appointments into your calendar, too.

If you receive scheduling emails from co-workers or use online calendars then Copy2Contact can help you put important events on your personal calendar.

Highlight only the datetime, and short descriptionof an upcoming event.

Then press Copy2Contact’s shortcut key to capture it to your calendar.

Configure Your Shortcut Key

In addition to the default Control-c-c, you can customize your shortcut key to be one of the function keys F1-F12. This is a feature of Copy2Contact PRO only but is also available for everyone during the 14-day free trial period after installing the software so that you can test it out.

A different shortcut key can be chosen for each target application you capture to, e.g. press F12 to capture to Outlook, or Shift-F12 to capture to

You’ll find the shortcut key settings for each target application by clicking the Copy2Contact icon near your clock, then clicking Utils > Target Apps from the menu.

Tweaking Copy2Contact’s Results

Copy2Contact sometimes makes little mistakes. Fortunately, Copy2Contact has a few advanced features that make it easy to quickly fix common foul-ups.

Each time you activate Copy2Contact, a hidden window is available on your taskbar that has advanced functions. Click the Copy2Contact button on your taskbar to reveal it.

If Copy2Contact creates an appointment when you wanted a contact, for example, just use the Rescan as… buttons to create the correct item.

Use the Swap functions in the Utils… menu to swap the name and company name if they were reversed, or to swap phone numbers that are out of place.

More Advanced Features Are Last…

In the next tips, we’ll show you how to work more efficiently with Copy2Contact by configuring it to capture tasks to your tasks list, work with specific Outlook folders, and even how to reverse Copy2Contact…

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