Status of IndexOutOfBounds issue in Anagram for BlackBerry

A recent post described an issue some users have been reporting where they see an “IndexOutOfBounds” error when attempting to update an existing contact with Anagram.

Some investigating has revealed that this issue occurs on some BlackBerry models and not others. For now it looks like all models running OS 4.5 are affected, while others are not. If anyone sees this issue on another OS level, please post a comment.

We’re hoping RIM engineers will help us investigate why this is happening during the upcoming week. More will be posted soon!

UPDATE: RIM engineers have confirmed this to beĀ  a bug in some BlackBerry OS 4.5 and 4.6 releases. They suggested a work-around that we were able to implement and it seems to work well! Download Anagram 0.9.7 here: