Anagram for BlackBerry Press and Issues

Just got some great new press on Anagram for BlackBerry on and! Response has been great but users uncovered a couple of issues…

The first is a Java “IndexOutOfBounds” error that occurs when updating a contact that already exists in your BlackBerry address book. We’ve been able to reproduce this now in the lab and it’s not clear why it’s happening, but we can definitely find a work-around.

badcontactThe other error is more annoying in that it seems to be a bug built into the BlackBerry itself. Some users were reporting that contacts were coming out with the fields run together and upon investigation, it seems that the BlackBerry itself omits line breaks from the text copied to the clipboard from certain HTML email messages. Then the text cannot be scanned correctly by Anagram since it doesn’t know where one line ends and the next begins!

It’s not clear which BlackBerry models and OS versions are affected, or what the exact formatting of email messages is that triggers this issue. But one thing is clear: Anagram has no control over how the BlackBerry copies text to the clipboard.

Fortunately, it looks like there is a technical work-around that we’ll be testing out here over the next couple of days. I’m certain this issue can be worked out as well.

Lastly, it looks like BlackBerry Storm users are having problems with some of the standard dialog boxes that Anagram presents. Specifically, it’s difficult to press one or the other button on yes/no dialogs. We assumed they would work properly and did limited testing since they’re standard and built into the BlackBerry! We’ll have to research alternatives.

Overall, we’re happy to have some great feedback and exposure for Anagram!