Copy2Contact Now Offered In Personal And PRO Editions For Outlook And Palm Users

So that we have room to grow in the future with new features, we’ve split our Copy2Contact product for Outlook and Palm Desktop users into 2 editions: Copy2Contact Personal and Copy2Contact PRO.

Existing Copy2Contact Personal customers: Everyone gets a free upgrade to Copy2Contact PRO to assure that you have the same feature set you’ve always enjoyed. Thanks for your continued support!

New customers will now have the choice of using Copy2Contact Personal, a no-frills edition that gets the job done instantly and efficiently, and Copy2Contact PRO, an enhanced edition with all customization and formatting options available.

Copy2Contact PRO has the following features not available in Copy2Contact Personal:

  • Auto-capitalization
  • Auto-formatting of phone numbers
  • Outlook folder and template selection
  • Outlook Business Contact Manager support
  • Palm category selection
  • Configurable universal hotkey
  • Share your settings

In addition, we’re planning some great new features in the future that will only be available in Copy2Contact PRO. Keep a look out!

Be sure to get full details on our Copy2Contact for Outlook product page.