Error: No selected text was found in the active window

This error can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. After highlighting some text, you accidentally clicked somewhere else before invoking Copy2Contact, causing a new window to be activated and the one with the text of interest to be deactivated. Copy2Contact works on the currently active (foreground) window.

    This is easy to do if you access Copy2Contact via its icon in the system tray and you miss clicking the icon and click somewhere else by accident. You’ll need to reactivate the window with the highlighted text before trying again. It’s best to access Copy2Contact using a shortcut key instead of this menu.

  2. The “Force Copy” option is turned off in Copy2Contact’s Preferences and you are not using Control-c-c as your shortcut key. Turn on “Force Copy” to make Copy2Contact tell the foreground window to copy any highlighted text to the clipboard where Copy2Contact can access it.
  3. Another application is blocking the copy-and-paste operation. Copy2Contact relies on Windows’ built-in copy-and-paste functionality, but some applications may block this indiscriminately for “security” reasons. Try grabbing text from another application like Notepad to make sure you’ve got the process correct.

Best Choice:
The safest bet is to use the global shortcut key Control-c-c to activate Copy2Contact. Set this in your Target Apps preferences for the application you’d like to capture to (e.g. Outlook). This shortcut key is the most reliable because in most applications, pressing Control-c copies whatever text is highlighted to the clipboard where Copy2Contact can access it. The second press of the ‘c’ key tells Copy2Contact that there is text waiting for it. Note that you must not lift the Control key between quick presses of the ‘c’ key.