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Problems with Copy2Contact for Jigsaw

UPDATE BELOW. Some reorganizations at Jigsaw a while back negatively affected the user experience for Copy2Contact users. We’ve been trying to get their support to sort that out over the last few months and then recently we started getting inquiries from users about a 12007 Unable to Resolve Hostname error that appears when trying to use Copy2Contact with Jigsaw. Apparently Jigsaw has completely turned off the connection they provide to Copy2Contact under contract.

I’ve been in touch with our contact at Jigsaw and she acknowledges that something is going on but so far has been unable to get any more information. One of her messages is quoted below.

On behalf of Anagram Technologies, I apologize that this feature is not currently available. We are doing everything we can to restore this but unfortunately our hands are tied as we rely on Jigsaw to provide the connection into their service.

Good Morning Nicholas,

I apologize for the difficulties we’ve been having. I’ve forwarded the issue to both Product and Engineering. I will let you know as soon as I have more information. I really appreciate how patient you have been through all of the issues

Please feel free to give out my email address to anyone with complaints and I would be happy to discuss with them.

Best Regards,
Heidi Rex

UPDATE 3/9/2012:

Jigsaw, now, has a new Director of Technology Partnerships, who responded to our most recent inquiry. He said they have decided to discontinue the Copy2Contact integration and will be removing their internal web pages that refer to it. He apologized for the confusion this has caused.

We’re hoping that will integrate Copy2Contact directly into their user interface using our API or Web Widget so that this functionality can be restored for everyone who was using it. Let them know!

How to get technical support

Here at Anagram Technologies, we pride ourselves on giving our customers great support. After all, most of our business comes via word-of-mouth, and happy customers spread the word!

So, since we aim to resolve all problems quickly and efficiently, here are some tips on how to get a quick solution to an inquiry:


  • First and foremost: Check our Support areas and this blog for answers. Chances are, we’ve seen your problem before and the solution is simple!
  • Provide a detailed description of the actions you are taking (keystrokes, options chosen, etc). This is critical so we can try to duplicate the issue.
  • Describe the results you’re expecting. This helps us understand what you’re looking to do, and provides context for the actions you’re taking.
  • Describe the results you’re getting instead. Include any error messages and especially error codes.


  • Don’t just say “it’s not working”. Detail is critical to getting your problem resolved.
  • Don’t generalize error messages. They are carefully written to provide Customer Support specific information about what went wrong.

Again, it’s all about detail! We want to get your problem resolved as much as you do.

Problem unlocking on new BlackBerry OS 6

Now that BlackBerry OS 6 is officially out on the new Torch device, customers have been writing in with a problem: Choosing the Copy2Contact menu option when in the browser does nothing. No error message, no alert, nada.

This is particularly a problem when they first install the software and try to unlock. The unlock code is displayed in the browser screen and the user must copy it to the clipboard and then choose the menu option. Nothing happens, Copy2Contact remains locked or in trial mode, and they cannot use the software at all.

After lots of digging, we’ve finally found other vendors who are having the same issue, and RIM has confirmed it to be a bug in OS 6.

You can see the thread on RIM’s support forum here:

Solution: The problem only happens when you are in the browser, so the very much not obvious solution is to copy the code and then exit the browser before choosing the Copy2Contact menu option. This will unlock the product successfully.

Error: No selected text was found in the active window

This error can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. After highlighting some text, you accidentally clicked somewhere else before invoking Copy2Contact, causing a new window to be activated and the one with the text of interest to be deactivated. Copy2Contact works on the currently active (foreground) window.

    This is easy to do if you access Copy2Contact via its icon in the system tray and you miss clicking the icon and click somewhere else by accident. You’ll need to reactivate the window with the highlighted text before trying again. It’s best to access Copy2Contact using a shortcut key instead of this menu.

  2. The “Force Copy” option is turned off in Copy2Contact’s Preferences and you are not using Control-c-c as your shortcut key. Turn on “Force Copy” to make Copy2Contact tell the foreground window to copy any highlighted text to the clipboard where Copy2Contact can access it.
  3. Another application is blocking the copy-and-paste operation. Copy2Contact relies on Windows’ built-in copy-and-paste functionality, but some applications may block this indiscriminately for “security” reasons. Try grabbing text from another application like Notepad to make sure you’ve got the process correct.

Best Choice:
The safest bet is to use the global shortcut key Control-c-c to activate Copy2Contact. Set this in your Target Apps preferences for the application you’d like to capture to (e.g. Outlook). This shortcut key is the most reliable because in most applications, pressing Control-c copies whatever text is highlighted to the clipboard where Copy2Contact can access it. The second press of the ‘c’ key tells Copy2Contact that there is text waiting for it. Note that you must not lift the Control key between quick presses of the ‘c’ key.