How to get technical support

Here at Anagram Technologies, we pride ourselves on giving our customers great support. After all, most of our business comes via word-of-mouth, and happy customers spread the word!

So, since we aim to resolve all problems quickly and efficiently, here are some tips on how to get a quick solution to an inquiry:


  • First and foremost: Check our Support areas and this blog for answers. Chances are, we’ve seen your problem before and the solution is simple!
  • Provide a detailed description of the actions you are taking (keystrokes, options chosen, etc). This is critical so we can try to duplicate the issue.
  • Describe the results you’re expecting. This helps us understand what you’re looking to do, and provides context for the actions you’re taking.
  • Describe the results you’re getting instead. Include any error messages and especially error codes.


  • Don’t just say “it’s not working”. Detail is critical to getting your problem resolved.
  • Don’t generalize error messages. They are carefully written to provide Customer Support specific information about what went wrong.

Again, it’s all about detail! We want to get your problem resolved as much as you do.