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Salesforce.com users: Capture directly to your browser

If you use Copy2Contact with Salesforce.com, be sure you have Copy2Contact set to Direct Capture mode (the default). This mode works directly with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox to streamline your experience with Copy2Contact.

Salesforce MenuWith Direct Capture turned on, Copy2Contact immediately loads a captured contact or appointment directly into your browser instead of showing an intermediate dialog. This means you never have to leave the Salesforce.com interface that you’re working in!

Copy2Contact also adds a small menu with some extra features to the lower-right corner of your browser window.

To turn on Direct Capture mode, click the Copy2Contact icon in your system tray (next to your clock), then Utils, then Target Apps. See the Getting Started Guide for details.

Reverse Copy2Contact

Wish you had some way to paste a plain-text version of a contact into an email message?

Copy As TextWith Copy2Contact installed, every open Outlook contact has an “Copy2Contact” menu on its toolbar (under the Add-ins ribbon in Outlook 2007 and later). Choose the “Copy as Text” option and voilĂ !

Now paste the plain-text contact information from your clipboard into any document! Works with appointments, too.

Configure shortcut keys

Configure Copy2Contact to work with a shortcut key so that you can you can capture text with just one keypress!

keypressA different shortcut key can be chosen for each target application you capture to, e.g. press F12 to capture to Outlook, or Shift-F12 to capture to Salesforce.com.

Just highlight text in any open application or document and hit the shortcut key!

To configure Copy2Contact’s shortcut keys, open Copy2Contact’s Target Apps settings. See our Getting Started Guide for details or click here to open Copy2Contact’s Target Apps settings now (Copy2Contact must be installed on your computer).


Hilight only the text you need

Copy2Contact is really smart. But you have to help it out a little bit by highlighting only the text that should appear in a new contact or appointment item. For example:

Here’s my new address:
Jeff Falkner
945 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02134

Don’t forget to write me!

The text above and below the address should not be highlighted before capture. Try it!