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Configure shortcut keys

Configure Copy2Contact to work with a shortcut key so that you can you can capture text with just one keypress!

keypressA different shortcut key can be chosen for each target application you capture to, e.g. press F12 to capture to Outlook, or Shift-F12 to capture to Salesforce.com.

Just highlight text in any open application or document and hit the shortcut key!

To configure Copy2Contact’s shortcut keys, open Copy2Contact’s Target Apps settings. See our Getting Started Guide for details or click here to open Copy2Contact’s Target Apps settings now (Copy2Contact must be installed on your computer).


Hilight only the text you need

Copy2Contact is really smart. But you have to help it out a little bit by highlighting only the text that should appear in a new contact or appointment item. For example:

Here’s my new address:
Jeff Falkner
945 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02134

Don’t forget to write me!

The text above and below the address should not be highlighted before capture. Try it!

When Copy2Contact guesses wrong…

It may be hard to believe, but Copy2Contact sometimes makes mistakes. Fortunately, Copy2Contact has a few features that make it easy to quickly fix common foul-ups.

If Copy2Contact creates an appointment when you want a contact, for example, just use the Rescan as… menu on the item itself. Or use the Swap menu to swap the name and company name if they were reversed.

Rescan MenuOutlook users:

This menu can be found on the toolbar of the new item in Outlook versions up to 2003. Outlook 2007 users will find it buried under the “Add-ins” ribbon.


Salesforce MenuSalesforce.com users:

The rescan and swap menus are located in the main Copy2Contact menu, found in the lower right corner of your browser window when using Direct Capture mode.

The Copy2Contact menu has a few other options that you may find useful as well, including “Copy As Text“, which does the reverse of Copy2Contact!

Capture email signatures

emailsigEveryone receives emails from people who include their contact information at the end of each message. With Copy2Contact you can instantly capture this contact info without retyping.

Highlight the signature block text, then press Copy2Contact’s shortcut key to capture the new contact.

See How Do I Access Copy2Contact? to learn about Copy2Contact’s shortcut key.